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Are you  looking for new ways to generate income or new ways to attract and keep customers and members, or maybe you are just looking for an additional supplier with fresh ideas or a complete change of

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supplier. Whichever it is, we can provide extra machines alongside your existing ones or maybe a complete rethink on all of your machine needs?

The Quiz Machine Company works closely with major manufacturers and distributors of AWP fruit machines SWP skill based quiz machines, entertainment machines, grabber machines, pull tab lottery machines, Chupa Chups stairway machines, pool tables, juke boxes, sweet tower  & Pringles vending machines and constantly updates its range of quality amusement machines.

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We offer our AWP fruit  machines for Clubs and Pubs at attractive rates from just 25.00 per week, or even on a “no risk to you” 50/50 shared profit basis.  We also offer a good range of alternative machines (on a shared profit basis) that are both rent and contract free.

At the Quiz Machine Company we specialise in finding ways to keep our clients profits up and their expenses down, we constantly look for ways of reducing our client’s MGD obligations whilst retaining their bottom line. 

Hot Slots

Many of our existing club and pub clients have benefited from discussing their needs with us, maybe just adding a new machine at no cost into a room that currently has no machine in it, or possibly  increasing the 'family' trade by adding a 'fun for all' Grabber or Chupa Chups or Sweet vending tower machines into a family room  or the main bar.

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We are proud stockists of Tubz brands, Hurelys Brands and Pringles.  We are not tied to any one supplier which puts us in the unique position of being able to supply our customers with the very best the industry has to offer.

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You have nothing to lose many of our machines are available on a shared profit basis.

For any additional information, or if you or your committee would like a chat please contact either...............

Michael: 0773 6969 300 Dene: 07970 431 764 or Nick: 07961 733545

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